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About Pretty 24SVN

 Pretty 24SVN LLC is a Black Owned one-stop shop for trendy women accessories & cosmetics. We carry luxury mink lashes, high quality jewelry, stylish sunglasses and more. We know how important it is for women to be pretty and look their best. That’s why we provide top tier products you will love, all in one place. We are a small business and just getting started! Stay tuned to see our growth.





Meet Kamry, the owner of PRETTY 24SVN. From her very own shopping experience, Kamry realized that shopping at different stores for her needs was a headache. She imagined that it would be nice to shop at a store where all her fashion and cosmetic needs were all in one place. Even though fashion and beauty were always something she had an interest in, she decided to take the traditional route and attend college.


“when that’s the only route you know, you take it”


  Throughout college, Kamry tried many different jobs: cashier at Wawa, call center technician, as a chemist and lab manager. You name it! One day it occurred to her that there are many roads to success and that’s when PRETTY 24SVN came to life.


   Like any other business, PRETTY 24SVN started as just an idea. After graduating from UCF and receiving a bachelor’s in chemistry and a master’s in nanotechnology, Kamry decided that the next chapter in her life was not to work as a chemist but to follow her passion and start her own beauty/fashion business.


        The first step in making her dreams her reality was to save, save, save! It was a challenge at first but definitely worth it in the long run. She registered PRETTY 24SVN as an LLC and started working out of the family garage.



   Our main goal is to provide affordable beauty products and fashion to all women. We strive to help women build self-love and confidence through our products. There are so many options thrown at us every single day. Women should unapologetically wear dramatic lashes, try different hair colors, wear poppin jewelry and indulge in all the makeup they want. It’s refreshing to finally not GAF and feel happy in the skin you’re in. We want to spread light on the fact that there are so many different types of pretty women. God made us with different faces and body types for a reason. You don’t have to be an IG model to be considered a baddie. Indulge in all the luxuries and stay pretty because you deserve it.

Remember to do what you want because you’re that b$TCH!




Constantly engaging with our customers every day is so important to us. Follow us on Instagram to be apart of our community.